19th Biennale of Sydney Preview

The 19th Biennale of Sydney has produced an overview of You Imagine What You Desire, the exhibition to be presented from 21 March – 9 June 2014, under the artistic direction of Juliana Engberg, "You Imagine What You Desire is an evocation celebrating the artistic imagination as an ... exploration of the world through metaphor and poesis* It makes enquiries into contemporary aesthetic experience, and relates this to historical precedents and future opportunities to imagine possible worlds. It seeks to understand the need artists have today to create immersive and expanded environments" ..... It reminds us that powerful art is not divorced from the cultural conditions, political, social and climatic environments in which it is generated. ... it often exists to provide a ...commentary on these aspects of society....


Participating artists will include Yael Bartana, Ulla van Brandenburg , Mircua Cantor, David Ciaerbout ,Nathan Coley, Yingmei Duan, Krisztina Erdel, Douglas Gordon, Henna Riikka,-Halonen Roni Horn , Mikhail, Karikis Laurent , Montaron, Agnueszka Polska, Augustin Rebetez, Maxime Rossi, Wael Shawky John Stezaker , Colin Sworn ,Tori Wranes

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(*poesis: creation, production).