19th Biennale of Sydney Preview

The 19th Biennale of Sydney has produced an overview of You Imagine What You Desire, the exhibition to be presented from 21 March – 9 June 2014, under the artistic direction of Juliana Engberg, "You Imagine What You Desire is an evocation celebrating the artistic imagination as an ... exploration of the world through metaphor and poesis* It makes enquiries into contemporary aesthetic experience, and relates this to historical precedents and future opportunities to imagine possible worlds. It seeks to understand the need artists have today to create immersive and expanded environments" ..... It reminds us that powerful art is not divorced from the cultural conditions, political, social and climatic environments in which it is generated. ... it often exists to provide a ...commentary on these aspects of society....

Sydney Dance Company celebrates its 45th year in 2014 with three première seasons and an extensive touring program, with performances in five of the country's capitals as well as regional centres across Queensland and Western Australia.

The company will commission eight new works in the coming 12 months, including two from Sydney Dance Company Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela, alongside works from renowned Greek Choreographer Andonis Foniadakis and celebrated Melbourne choreographer Gideon Obarzanek. Four choreographers, still to be chosen, will be given the opportunity to create works for the Company's dancers for the November season of New Breed.SDC opens 2014 with an exciting triple bill season.

An innovative education program based at a former gym in Argyle Place, Millers Point, Regenesis Youth targets local disadvantaged and at-risk youth, in partnership with the City of Sydney's Youth Services unit.

It launched in March, filling a critical demand for alternative educational programs to help young people who fall through the cracks of conventional school programs. Aimed at 15 to 19-year olds. it has two full-time staff - TAFE teachers who each morning deliver a certificate II course, the equivalent of year 10. Students also are taught life skills and given emotional support to address the issues that forced them out of school in the first place.

About 1000 people took up Barangaroo's invitation to visit the Headland Park construction site on August 4. They came from across Sydney, Victoria and as far away as Brazil!

The Open Day was a free public event that offered a rare opportunity to view the creation of the Headland Park and to see the many different construction activities underway behind the scenes of a major construction site.

Corroboree, the new Sydney festival celebrating contemporary Indigenous arts and culture on Gadigal land around Sydney Harbour. will light up the city for 11 days and nights from 14 November.

The festival's creative director is Hetti Perkins, artist in residence at Bangarra Dance former Curator of Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of NSW, and a member of the Eastern Arrernte and Kalkadoon Aboriginal peoples. ''We wanted to begin the festival with young people" she said.