The inaugural Foodie Fields of Spring at The Loch in Berrima on Sunday September 18 is a celebration of the Southern Highlands’ spring harvest. The event showcases fresh, local produce from the area’s top producers who in turn share expert tips on farming, cooking and gardening.

Part of Moss Vale Chamber’s new Southern Highlands Food & Wine Clusters experience, Foodie Fields of Spring also features a delicious seven course spring feast using produce grown at The Loch farm and put together by resident chef and farmer, Brigid Kennedy.

South Sydney Business Chamber, along with Sydney TAFE and the City of Sydney, has come up with a unique way to help local retailers increase consumer footfall by reinvigorating their shopfronts. Karen Levin, South Sydney’s Treasurer and Executive Manager, shares insight on the Chamber’s Shopfront Showcase and Be a Localist campaigns.

“Running for the third consecutive year in 2016, South Sydney Business Chamber is behind Shopfront Showcase - a campaign that successfully unites commerce and arts by giving small businesses in South Sydney a great opportunity to showcase their unique displays to the public,” says Karen.

Sally Walker is a Yuin woman from the South Coast of NSW and since 2015, Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Development Coordinator. She is also a valued WBAC committee member and advocate for Walsh Bay. She tells us more about herself.

“My role at Bangarra has a large philanthropic focus and I also coordinate all of our donor events including opening nights. I have always admired Bangarra and the work they do so I was thrilled to be welcomed into the family,” Sally says.

The City of Sydney are running a Business Improvement Grant scheme to encourage businesses to enhance their local streetscape to help create more lively and attractive communities and increase consumer footfall.

Funding is currently available through a grant application for shopfront improvements with matched grants of up to $10,000 or, for acoustic audits (for the purposes of live music) with matched grants of up to $5,000.

There are plenty of upcoming events in Walsh Bay including the annual WBAC Concierge Famil (30 August) and Taste Orange@Barangaroo (20 November).

This month’s Concierge Famil will see 10-15 of Sydney’s top hotel concierges taken on a guided tour of Walsh Bay to introduce/reintroduced them to the area’s many ‘off the beaten track” offerings.

In celebration of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, the theme for the 2016 Arts Table is; “If Music Be the Food of Love,” and plans for the November 8 event are well underway. Co-host and recipients of funds raised on the night, The Song Company, are planning an interactive performance that will delight guests while sponsors including View by Sydney, Sydney Dance Lounge, Pier One and Simmer on the Bay, will supply one course each from the evenings sumptuous degustation dinner.

Membership to the WBAC comes with a range perks including free or low cost legal advice through the NSW Business Chamber. So joining up is not just about garnering better local community spirit - it makes perfect business sense too. 

The NSW Business Chamber offers a suite of legal products and services to business members including a telephone advice line, readily available and legally compliant DIY templates through business toolkit, fixed price legal services as well as affordable, personalised legal support.

Up a whopping 35 per cent on last year, VIVID Sydney 2016 attracted more than 2.31 million visitors. Such success highlights many exciting future opportunities for Walsh Bay but VIVID is not only about benefits to business and community. Event organisers are currently offering individuals $10,000 towards the cost of curating artworks too.